Home Security Systems In Harmony: Can a Thief Just Cut Your Line?

Home Security Systems

Monitored home security systems in Harmony are designed to protect your home, but there’s a limit to what they can do if they’re not using current technology. From remote access to improved technology connections among devices, there are many reasons why you should consider an upgrade.

Your monitoring device is connected to a landline. Hardwired systems provide homes with adequate protection and having one is far better than not having one at all, but they do have limitations. When they need to be updated, your alarm provider will have to send a specialist out to complete the upgrade and as a result, could cost you money.

Hardwired systems are also easy to bypass. If a thief wants to get into your home, all they need to do is cut the line to gain complete access. The same is true if you have window and door sensors that are hardwired – once they are cut, your system can’t provide protection.

Your security accessories are outdated and low-resolution. Home security systems in Harmony that are outdated aren’t able to sync with state-of-the-art devices. The cameras, sensors, and motion detectors purchased with the original system need to be high-performing if they are going to assist you when you need them most. If you need to identify a thief, poor quality will often be dismissed in court.

You can only access your device from inside your home. One of the amazing things about technology is the security it provides. With so many developments, there are more ways than one to protect your home. The days of singular access to one control panel are long gone. In fact, limiting your home to one control panel makes it easier for hacking.

Today’s systems provide homeowners with more flexibility. Many security systems have mobile access through apps on smart devices. These automated systems present users with features that allow them to lock doors, shut the garage, deactivate their alarm, and even change the temperature from a remote location.

You are out of upgrade options. There are only so many upgrades a wired system allows, and eventually, technology will exceed the functionality of the monitoring device and will no longer be compatible. When you upgrade to a smart home, you will have access to the latest in security technology at all times.

Smart homes often receive their updates remotely, which saves on the cost of having someone come out to your house. Also, when they are updated regularly, you can ensure that all the devices linked to your system are working together. If any broken links are present, the update will notify you and allow you to solve problems before it’s too late.

Are your home security systems in Harmony stuck in the hardwired past? Call us today to discuss your options for bringing it – and keeping it – up to date. We offer a full spectrum of services, products and installations to meet all of your home, business and rental property security needs.

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