Home Security Monitoring in St. Cloud: 7 Shocking Facts About Home Burglaries

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In 2017, approximately over 1.4 million burglaries were committed in the United States, resulting in an estimated 3.4 billion dollars in property loss. While these numbers are shocking, there is some good news – the more informed you are, the more equipped you’ll be to prevent a burglary from happening to you and your loved ones with home security monitoring in St. Cloud.

The facts below should give you some insight into when burglaries happen, what burglars are after, and even how you can encourage a burglar to pass your house by.

1. Contrary to popular belief, most burglaries don’t occur at night. While many movies and television shows depict burglars shining bright lights into windows in the middle of the night, most break-ins actually occur during the day, specifically between the hours of 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Homes are most likely to be unoccupied during these hours and loud noises such as a window being broken or a door being kicked in are much less likely to draw attention.

2. The car, television, and radio are more likely to avert a burglary than your dog. Many surveys claim that burglars avoid houses with big, athletic dog breeds, while others claim small dogs that make a lot of noise are better for the job. A survey conducted with prison inmates asked if they would break into a house if they heard a radio or TV on inside the home. Most defendants stated that this would lead them to believe the house was occupied. When asked if a car in the driveway would stop them from burglarizing a home, almost all of the respondents said they would certainly think twice.

3. Most burglars enter through the front door. It might seem crazy, but over 30% of burglars gain access to the home through the front door. In many cases, burglars will knock on the front door to make sure no one is home before proceeding with a break-in. The good news is that home security monitoring in St. Cloud includes motion detectors and glass-break detectors that will notify you when a window or door is opened or when a window is broken.

4. The average burglary takes just 8-12 minutes. Burglars tend to search for cash, prescription drugs, jewelry, electronics, and credit cards. They grab what they can as quickly as they can and get out.Keeping your valuables locked up or out of sight is always a great safety precaution to take when you’re away.

5. Burglaries result in an average loss of over $2,400. A laptop, gaming system, smartwatch, and a handful of jewelry can easily add up to this much and maybe more. And these are items that are commonly found out in the open or even on display.

6. Only just over 13% of burglaries result in arrest. In most cases, there is little physical evidence and a lack of eyewitnesses, which usually leads to the case being closed without a conviction.Thankfully, home security monitoring in St. Cloud can deter thieves and contribute to a conviction if a break-in does occur.

7. Home security monitoring in St. Cloud works. Homes without security systems are three times more likely to be robbed. When thieves are casing a home, if they see that a house has a security system installed, nine out of ten burglars will move on to find a home that does not have one.

We offer high-quality security systems and home security monitoring in St. Cloud that can be customized to match your needs. If you’re interested in having a safer, more protected home, call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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