Fifteen secrets you should know about criminal lawyers in Kitchener

Criminal Lawyers

There exists much public opinion regarding lawyers, especially criminal lawyers. However, much of the public opinion of these lawyers is misunderstood. In the following article we will uncover fifteen secrets that anyone should know about criminal lawyers in Kitchener.

1) Criminal lawyers will not get emotions involved with criminal trials and offenders no matter how serious the crime is. No matter the extent of the crime being committed, in a court of law every individual is protected by rights and a criminal lawyer is simply ensuring that those rights are abided by in a fair trial.

2) A criminal lawyer and client bond is essential for the success of a trial. Despite a criminal’s past, a lawyer can usually relate to a client in some way or another (if that commonality is based on background, favourite sports team or other shared interest).

3) Each and every juror within a criminal trial is diligently researched. The term for examining a juror is known as, voir dire. This examining of jurors occurs before a trial begins and both the Crown and defense council interview jurors to find the correct fit.

4) Body language of the jury is constantly being observed by criminal lawyers in Kitchener. The criminal lawyer and jury are unable to have a two-way conversation, instead the lawyer offers a means of one-way communication. Therefore, in order to gauge how the jury is interpreting the lawyer’s defense, can best be determined by the body language of the jury.

5) Criminal lawyers stand very close to their clients while a verdict is read because it reveals a sense of solidarity and protection to both the judge and jury.

6) A client can hurt their trial. The most important piece of advice for a client is to not speak to police. However, often clients speak to police to share their side of the story but inconsistencies can be brought in court and hurt the defense’s stance.

7) Hate mail is prevalent among criminal lawyers who represent high-profile cases or very serious cases. Indeed, this occurrence usually is from public misconceptions regarding criminal lawyers, however by reading this article hopefully it can change the public’s view.

8) An innocent client may be more work for criminal lawyers in Kitchener. A criminal lawyer who is unable to retrieve an acquittal for a client that they know is innocent may be a very hard pill to swallow; which means a lawyer may conduct more work than usual to ensure the correct verdict is read.

9) Clients are advised to have a makeover. Sagging pants, a mullet, and a snap-back hat in a court of law is not only perceived as unprofessional but it is seen as though the client shows little respect for the formal procedures of court.

10) Criminal lawyers enjoy the excitement of high-pressure cases. Indeed, working long hours for weeks on end all for the day in trial is worthwhile.

11) Despite what is portrayed on television, criminal lawyers do not stand as often as one may think. Judges do not tolerate a lawyer pacing around the courtroom nor is this behaviour seen as professional.

12) Criminal lawyers in Kitchener will often take on any challenge. Some cases are labelled as, “can’t win” however a principle many lawyers adopt is, “the higher the pressure, the higher the reward.”

13) The bail system has serious flaws and criminal lawyers are well aware of this. Placing bail at $50,000 for an unemployed offender is inherently unfair in some circumstances and forces plea bargains, which is favourable to the Crown.

14) Criminal lawyers may gain a bad reputation. If a criminal lawyer is able to get an accused off the hook for a serious offence, the public will often reject this verdict and place the blame on the lawyer; without evaluating the facts of the case.

15) Popular culture can influence legal proceedings and a lawyer’s approach in court. Therefore, a lawyer may adopt strategies common on popular culture trials to influence jurors. We now have a better perspective of the secrets of criminal lawyers in Kitchener.

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