5 Things a Domestic Violence Lawyer can do

Domestic violence victims usually feel confined in their abusive relationships. Threats induced by the perpetrator against their lives or their children hinder them from leaving. Lack of resources and support from family or peers contributes to their reasons for staying in the abusive relationship.

Besides, the victims suffer physical, emotional, and psychological torture in the toxic relationship. The society has further victimized the abused through lack of support and creation of beliefs systems to valuing one’s relationship rather than the stability and safety of a person in the relationship. Traditions and cultures have also contributed to the increase of domestic violence as some do not believe in divorce.

Self-help groups have been introduced in the communities, and the creation of awareness has increased significantly helping victims acquire the necessary help required to leave the abusers and start new lives. Hotlines and other resources have been enacted to help victims all-round the clock such as the National Sexual Violence Resource Centre.

However, victims should think about acquiring legal advice in regards to their abuse. What is the importance of obtaining a domestic violence adviser? What services do they offer that can help in these situations? As a victim, why consider their advice? Will it help? Here are five factors that the Domestic Violence Lawyer can do to contribute within the case of domestic violence.

1.Procure a Restraining Order.

Through the help of a lawyer, the victim can obtain a restraining order that requires the abuser to maintain an estimated distance from them. It as well prevents the abuser to make any contact with the victim. This results in the abuser moving out of the shared home giving the victim some normalcy in the house with the kids (in their presence). Some courts order the handing over of any firearms in possession of the abuser to avoid any risks of violence. Other courts require the abusers to attend self-help groups for batterers and take drug tests to determine the behavior and risk factors involved with the abuser.

2.Appeal for Divorce.

The lawyer would help the victim in the divorce procedures if the abuser were the husband. They offer legal advice in regards to the property and debt shared by the married couple. They ensure the victim obtains the rights to spousal support. Besides, the attorney prepares the victim with the goals and expectations involved in the divorce process.

3.Acquire Custody

Domestic violence lawyers work to gain the care of the children in the case that the abuser was their father. The court ensures that the children’s safety is considered primarily in families that have a history of domestic violence. The lawyer as well provides the parent acquires the right to child support.

4.Sues for Domestic Abuse Claims.

Through the attorney, the victim can sue the perpetrator for the injuries and pain inflicted at the time of the abuse. The perpetrator should compensate the medical expenses incurred or any loss triggered by the violence.

5.Argues the Case in the Courtroom on your Behalf.

The attorney will speak for you in court and finalize the required procedures and handle the opposing side.

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