Important factors to consider before hiring a domestic divorce lawyer in Kitchener.

domestic divorce lawyer

There are several factors to consider before hiring a domestic divorce lawyer and criminal lawyers Kitchener in Kitchener. After reviewing this section, you can be confident that you hire a competent domestic divorce lawyer who will aggressively pursue your divorce case. Before diving into the main factors there are three important elements that need to be addressed for divorce. First, do not move out of the marital household without contacting a lawyer beforehand.

The reason for this precaution is that if you decide to leave the house without a good reason this may cause you to lose possession. Second, take necessary steps to protect your assets prior to you and your partner discussing divorce. Third, see your children as much as possible. The court will often delegate custody orders that correspond to the status quo. This means that if you see your children the same amount of time as your partner, then there is a likely chance the custody split will be 50/50.

In regards to hiring a domestic divorce lawyer in Kitchener, there are five main factors to consider. Firstly, what is the lawyer’s experience in divorce court? Ideally, you want to choose a lawyer who has made positive connections throughout divorce law in and outside of the courthouse as well as one who possesses high predictability knowledge of certain judges based on previous case decisions that mirror the present case. Secondly, evaluate client testimonials in Kitchener that speak to the skill level, personality and professionalise of the divorce lawyer in question.

Reviewing detailed client testimonials will paint a picture in your mind of the level of legal service that will be offered by the lawyer. In addition, you can also examine the Bar Association to find lawyer rankings and other important facts. Thirdly, how does the divorce lawyer communicate with you? Finding a lawyer who exercises communication exchanges with ease as well as flexibility is an asset to you.

For instance, 24-hour service via email, text, calling, face time, Skype, in-person meetings and Whats App are a few communication channels that provide accessibility for clients. Moreover, does the lawyer communicate with you in a manner that you can understand or are they too frequently referring to legal terms that are confusing and unnecessary. A successful divorce lawyer is one who can both communicate effectively to a judge as well as communicate the case in simpler terms for an average person to understand.

Fourthly, what type of fee structure is in place for clients who are commencing a divorce? One lawyer may require a consultation fee while another does not or one lawyer may use a retainer while the other utilizes an hourly rate. It is important to discuss the fee structure with the lawyer during the early consultation stage to ensure you can afford the lawyer of choice. Fifthly, it is critical that a final evaluation is done by the client to ensure the lawyer fully meets their needs.

For example, making a list with 5-10 success factors and then scoring each lawyer with a number from 1-10 on each factor is a strategic method of selection. For example, one factor may be accessibility, therefore a lawyer who does not offer 24-hour service and who is only available on email may score a ‘3’ while a 24-hour lawyer who has six different communication channels could score a ‘9’.

After evaluating each lawyer with a score on the scorecard the last step is to choose the lawyer with the highest score. By taking into consideration the above stated elements this will ensure you hire a skilful domestic divorce lawyer in Kitchener who takes your case seriously and aggressively pursues your interests.

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